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Sensory Integration (SI) Therapy
Sensory integration is the organization of multiple sensations into meaningful information that is then used to provide an appropriate response.  A dysfunction in this system can lead to impairments or delays in social behavior or academic learning.     

At Greco’s World, treatment focuses on activities to stimulate neurological development.  Children are provided with a plethora of sensory opportunities that promote growth of neural networks in the brain.  Through treatment and organized play at Greco’s World, children can improve their ability to process sensory information in their environment so they can grow to function optimally.  

School-Based Therapy
School-Based Therapy focuses on a variety of areas such as handwriting, cutting, organization, and sensory issues affecting a child’s access to their educational curriculum. At Greco’s World, we make sure to individualize treatment and cater to the needs of each individual child. 

In-Home Early Intervention
The focus of In-Home Early Intervention is to enhance development and minimize the potential for developmental delay while considering the context of the child’s home life. At Greco’s World, we make sure to take into account the specific needs of family and incorporate them into our treatment sessions. We also make sure to educate families with tools and activities they can use to facilitate the development of their children at home.

Craniosacral Therapy
Craniosacral therapy is a non-invasive technique that taps into the CSF rhythm.  A light touch is used to direct the health of the nervous system which facilitates the body’s own healing process.  Roxie has been trained in Craniosacral therapy and been practicing for 15 years.  During therapy, she locates and corrects restrictions in the body that impair nervous system functioning.

Neurodevelopment Treatment (NDT)
NDT is a therapeutic approach that incorporates handling techniques to promote body awareness, movement through space, and postural stability. At Greco’s World, all our therapists have experience in NDT to facilitate movement and better posture in children. Our therapists use the NDT approach to work towards helping children develop independence in a variety of different areas. 

Feeding Intervention
Therapeutic feeding strategies can help strengthen muscles of the mouth, improve tolerance of different foods and liquids, and address safe swallowing. At Greco’s World, we start at the root of the problem and address the underlying issues causing difficulties with your child’s feeding. 

Aquatic Therapy
Aquatic therapy is a unique form of therapy that makes it easier for children to improve head and neck control, range of motion, endurance, and body awareness. It also helps decrease the force of stress on joint to help children relax and makes it easier to help strengthen muscles. Roxie derives her Aquatic Therapy practice from the Pediatric Aquatic Therapy Conference that focuses on a variety of underwater techniques and tools to facilitate strength and body positioning with children. It is amazing to see the therapeutic effects of the pool transfer into land therapy! Download Aquatic Therapy Flyer for more information.

Social Skills Group
A fun and interactive way to build your child’s social skills. Utilizing occupational therapy and psycho social ideologies, you child will learn skills related to communication, healthy coping, and team work. Along the way, your child will build confidence in overall social relatedness and functioning. Download the Social Skills Flyer for more information.
Sensory Seekers Club
Greco,s World has a new program that will satisfy your child’s sensory needs, without the high cost of an individual occupational therapy session. At Sensory Seekers Club, your child will be exposed to a variety of sensory rich activities while receiving stimulation to their nervous system. Utilizing these neurological and occupational therapy ideologies provides your child the opportunity to participate in activities with a rich sensory emphasis promoting a healthy arousal system, emotional regulation, learning, alleviation of sensory disfunction, and mastery over their environment. Download Sensory Exploration Club Flyer for more information.

Handwriting with Julia
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A family-oriented approach to Occupational Therapy for children

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